Mouse – NIB (NIggas in Beemaz)


In today’s day and age there seem to be two drastically different forms of hip
hop. One part lyrical exercise, one part Turn up. There seem to be very few rappers who
have the versatility to do both. Mouce however, is the bridge between the gap.
Possessing the ability to make hard core lyrical compositions that classical hip hop
heads can be proud of, and also having the talent to create memorable catchy party
tunes. Mouce has established himself in a class of his own being a voice that the
SoundCloud generation can get behind as well as the same people who gave Nas 5
mics. Beyond just being an MC he is an actor as well who has starred alongside
Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis amongst others. His new single “NIB” is poised to be
one of the breakout records of the year. With a new album “Money is Revenge” and a
few new movies in the works Mouce is poised to be one of the breakout stars as well.

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